Bedbug trap glue 100mm
  • Bedbug trap glue 100mm

Bedbug- and cockroachglue (pheromone) 100mm

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Instructions for use: Apply bed bug and cockroach trap adhesive to the desired area in a 1-2mm layer, for example, using a brush or squeezing the adhesive directly from the tube onto the surface. The adhesive can be cleaned from the surface using a scraper, after which it can be reapplied. The best places for installing the adhesive for bed bug and cockroach control and monitoring are separate traps and the wooden structures of bed bases or kitchen cabinets for cockroaches. The adhesive can be removed from surfaces using a scraper and then wiped with a paper towel. For example, you can first apply a wide painter's tape underneath, onto which you can apply the adhesive. Always check the suitability of the product on a small area first.

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Bed bug and cockroach trap adhesive offers a natural and chemical-free way to capture bed bugs and other insects. The adhesive's effectiveness lasts for up to 20 weeks, depending on the amount of airborne dust in the room. It can be installed on almost any surface. The adhesive contains a powerful scent attractant (pheromone). The product is available in a 100 ml tube. Vacuum packed. 
Made By Bug Busters Oy

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