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We differentiate between wall bed bugs and bat bugs.
  • Bedbug detection
  • We differentiate between wall bed bugs and bat bugs.

Bedbug detection

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Fortunately, we have a solution for this - Bed Bug Identification! Bed Bug Identification works as follows: the customer orders it through our online store. After that, the customer sends the insect to us by mail. The insect should be delivered as intact as possible. The customer places the insect in a transparent minigrip bag (the insect can be alive or dead). Make sure the insect does not escape from the minigrip bag. In addition, the customer includes their contact information so that we can send the response to the correct address. Once we have completed the identification, we will send a message to the customer via WhatsApp or email, informing them whether it is a wall bed bug, bat bug, or another type of insect.

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Have you found an insect in your home or cabin whose species you cannot confidently identify? There are millions of different insect species in the world, some of which may resemble each other so closely that identification can be challenging. For example, there are various types of bed bugs, and distinguishing between them can be difficult, if not impossible, without the use of professional imaging equipment and assistance from experts.

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