Pheromone Trap Tape (catch) 25 M X 50 MM
  • Pheromone Trap Tape (catch) 25 M X 50 MM

Pheromone Trap Tape (catch) 25 M X 50 MM

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This sticky tape is ideal for post-treatment monitoring and situations where it's unclear which insect is biting humans. The tape is enriched with pheromones, further enhancing its effectiveness.

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With this non-toxic trap tape, you will protect your home from bed bugs and other crawling insects. Suitable for longer use. Adheres very well to a variety of surfaces, including uneven surfaces and fabric. May leave adhesive marks. The backing material of the trap tape is polypropylene, and there is a silicone-coated protective paper on both sides. The long-lasting trap tape has excellent adhesive properties and is highly heat resistant.

Suitable for catching bedbugs, cockroaches and other crawling insects. Even the bogey and other earthworms who live under the bed get stuck in the tape.

NOTE: This tape is impregnated with pheromones during the production phase, attracting insects to the trap. This enhances the effectiveness of the tape even further. Packed in a vacuum-sealed bag. Manufactured by Bug Busters Oy

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Manufacturer: Bug Busters Oy

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